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Hi Everyone! We are the LuxBox Family! A mobile playground focused on creativity, style, and convenience.

The idea behind LuxBox was started by two women entrepreneurs, Airah and Karla, who have always shared a common goal – to reduce the stress of party hosting and offer families and their little ones a safe and fun space to enjoy at the convenience of their home or venue. Our friendship dates back since tenth grade when we met in gym class. We quickly hit it off, and the rest was history. From classmates turned into best of friends, the desire of sharing a business together had always been in our minds. In highschool, we both worked together at a local amusement centre and hosted several children’s parties and private functions. From there, we learned that entertaining kids is key to throwing a memorable party. After all…no child enjoys standing around doing nothing for hours at the event right?

Fast forward to 2019, little did we know that a catch-up over dinner with our husbands Gab and Kevin, resulted into a creation of a business that we have grown to love and be passionate about. We thought of having a mobile play area set-up at parties that can be very beneficial for parents and young families like ours. And instead of creating a space for just kids, we wanted to cater to everyone EVEN adults! This brought the concept of a mega ballpit using chic, modern, and in-style equipments that can be utilized by adults, youth, and children at all ages! Our setups will surely be a staple to your events given its minimalistic colour and versatility to any party theme or colour choices!

LuxBox Team
The LuxBox Team



Experience Excellence with Luxbox: Join Our Easter Tradition!

Luxbox hosts an annual Easter event, crafted to offer families an affordable event for families and kids while providing a vibrant platform for businesses like ours to connect and showcase their products and services to the community. As a vendor, participation is FREE OF CHARGE, setting us apart from traditional trade shows. Proceeds from ticket sales are reinvested into event essentials, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Eager to showcase your brand to families at our next Easter extravaganza? Reach out to us via email to secure your spot! -HELLOLUXBOX@GMAIL.COM


We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to supporting various organizations throughout the city. Whether it’s through sponsorship, collaboration, or other forms of assistance, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact in any way we can.

If your organization or fundraising endeavor could benefit from our support, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email. We’re here to help make a difference together.


Lets bring the fun to you.